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Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"


STRETCH OUT - D'Scent Essentials

Ah, stretch marks.  Unless you’re a child, or are in peak physical condition, and have never lost or gained weight, you probably have them.  Stretch marks are those thin, zebra-like stripes you find on your skin once you’ve either gained or lost weight.  They’re normally found in our more “meaty” areas, like our midsection, our thighs, our butts, and our triceps.

Keep in mind, not only women get them.  Men can also get stretch marks for the same reason; either they’ve gained weight, or they’ve lost weight.  The question is: how can we get rid of them?  There has to be a way (without using medications) to eliminate stretch marks.  There are plenty of creams and lotions that claim they remove stretch marks, but do they do the job?  And how safe are they?  What type of chemicals are in the products that claim to remove stretch marks?

At D’Scent Essentials, we use organic and natural essential oils that help to improve and moisturize your skin.  Some of the oils we use also help with reducing stretch marks.  Below are some natural essential oils that can help with eliminating those dreaded marks on your skin.  Please remember: if you plan to use any essential oil to assist with reducing stretch marks, please use a carrier oil like Coconut or Olive Oil to help with the process.  Using an essential oil directly on your body can cause irritation, so always use caution when applying an oil to your skin.

Frankincense: In a 2017 study(1), researchers studied the essential oil to determine the biological activities in human dermal fibroblasts.  It was determined that Frankincense improved cell regeneration, reduced inflammation on the skin, and minimized redness and skin irritations.  This oil will definitely help with stretch marks.

Geranium: This essential oil is a wonderful oil to use on your skin.  A 2021 study(2)  calls the oil “age-defying,” so one can safely assume Geranium would be great for the skin, especially when applied topically.  It’s also an anti-oxidant and an astringent, which assists in tightening skin cells, so those stretch marks would be a memory, once you used this essential oil

Neroli: Not only is Neroli Oil an anti-oxidant too, it’s also anti-fungal, so it is very beneficial.  A 2012 study(3)  showed how the oil protects against environmental pollutants, and is very gentle on the skin.  Regular use of the oil also decreases stretch marks and helps fade current stretch marks on your skin, so definitely include Neroli Oil in your repertoire of essential oils. 

Jasmine: A great oil for moisturizing and producing collagen, Jasmine Oil would be a great addition to your skincare regimen.  It can also help you feel more alert and energetic, according to a 2010 study(4)  that researched the application of Jasmine Oil.  It’s known for its beneficial properties for aging skin, so those stretch marks will disappear if you use this oil.

Helichrysum: Jam-packed with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatories (according to a 2014 study(5),), this essential oil is a must-have in your essential oil library.  Even the School of Aromatic Studies praises Helichrysum for the way the oil can heal the skin from hematomas, which are skin bruises and skin tears that are bleeding.  If this essential oil can heal hematomas, it’s safe to say that stretch marks are no bother for it.  The oil can even help reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

Do you want to one day say, “Stretch marks begone!”?  Well, try the above essential oils.  Add them to your skincare regimen and see if they will do the trick.  Use these beneficial oils to smooth and moisturize your skin.  You’ll start looking years younger!

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