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Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Saving Face

Saving Face - D'Scent Essentials

How often do you wash your face?  Once a day?  Twice a day?  More frequently than that?

A good rule of thumb would be to wash your face in the morning to start your day, and to wash it before you go to bed at night, to eliminate all the dust, air pollution particles, makeup, sweat, and other detritus on your skin.  Your pillow and pillowcase will be happy with you, once your face is clean.

However, what if you have sensitive or dry skin?  Sometimes, washing your face two or three times a day can cause irritation, redness; maybe even a rash.  For those folks, using a gentle soap like D’Scent Essentials Pure Soap or a cleansing cream can help the skin and reduce the irritation.  Use a cleanser that hydrates the skin.  An oil-based cleanser could also be helpful, but make sure to check the product before using it.  You don’t want to clog your pores in the process of cleaning them.

Well, what if your skin is oily, instead?  The same rule applies, but those with oily skin will need to use a cleansing product that will remove the oils from the pores, without completely drying out the skin.  A product containing hydroxy acids will help to remove excess oil from your skin without damaging the cellular structure of your pores.

If your skin is a combination of both dry and oily, then ironically enough, you have the best of both worlds.  You can pick and choose what type of cleanser best fits your skin.  It’s still a good idea to wash your face twice a day, to ensure a healthy, clean countenance.

For the foundation, blush, eye-shadow, and other types of makeup, no matter what type of skin you have, you should wash your face at least twice a day.  You don’t want to keep that makeup on overnight; it will cause your skin to clog up and cause potential skin problems and damage.

In essence, listen to your skin.  Try to wash your face at least twice a day, and if you find skin issues that you cannot handle on your own, don’t be afraid to contact a dermatologist.  It’s better to seek professional help than to try and guess what’s going on with your skin and possibly cause worse problems.  A dermatologist can provide solid advice that can help guide you to healthy, happy skin.



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