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Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Psst! Do You Smell That?

Psst!  Do You Smell That? - D'Scent Essentials

Pumpkin Spice Latte!  I truly believe that that is the unofficial drink for fall.  Even though I've never had the drink, many people say it is wonderful.  That said, with the change of the seasons, comes change of the weather.  Soon, you will be changing your shorts and sundresses for cold weather clothing.  The temperature may still be warm during the day, but the nights are cooler.  With the cooler weather comes less humidity.  This means drier air, which can cause your skin to feel tight and dry.  Also, with cooler temperatures, you may be taking hotter showers.  Hot water can cause your skin to dry out, also.

 The best solution for dry skin is either a good, creamy lotion or a good body butter.  Both provide excellent moisturizing benefits for dry skin.  D’Scent Essentials (DSE) has both lotions and butters that are great for all your body parts: face, hands, elbows, legs, knees, feet, and wherever else you feel you need some soothing moisturizing.

 As autumn continues to cool the weather down further, make sure you prepare yourself for the upcoming changes.  A good idea would be to research which oils and butters benefit your skin and obtain products that contain those ingredients.  For instance, cocoa butter is a very popular ingredient for many lotions and butters (since it is a butter, after all).  Coconut oil is also extremely popular in many products.  But, are you familiar with Babassu essential oil?  How about Kukui Butter?  Both ingredients are excellent for dry skin, but they are not as well known.

 And if you add some Pumpkin Spice Latte scent to the mix, you have yourself a really yummy-smelling lotion or butter!  Look into the oils that best work with your skin and buy products that contain those ingredients.  DSE has excellent natural and organic products, and when you feel that weather affecting your skin, come to us; we’ll have something for your skin that you will love!


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