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Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

“Poo” Independent

“Poo” Independent - D'Scent Essentials

There is a developing trend occurring amongst those who wish to reduce the washing of their hair.  Some people are forgoing it altogether, believing that all of the detergents and products used for their hair are too harsh, and will damage their hair in the long run.  In essence, they want to claim their independence from the shampoo.

 Well, there are positives and negatives to this idea.  Depending on what you use, some products are too harsh for some hair types, and can damage the hair and scalp over time.  Natural solutions are being touted now, like baking soda and apple cider vinegar, and other concoctions that may or may not work.  It really depends on the person’s hair and scalp type.

 Truthfully, if you use different products in your hair, like styling gel or mousse, hair spray or spritz (does anyone still use that?), hair oil or grease, then you should wash your hair often.  You don’t want those products in your hair for weeks on end.  It could cause your hair to become dry, brittle and possibly create split ends and even irritate your scalp.

However, just because you may not use any products in your hair, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wash your hair at least once or twice a week.  Sweat glands in your scalp cause oil to develop on your hair follicles, and that can clog the pores in your scalp over time.  Also, since your hair is exposed to the air, pollen, air pollution, smoke, and other airborne particles can also work their way into your hair, and they need to be washed out, as well.  And, don’t forget dead skin cells!  They can accumulate as well, and should be shampooed off of your scalp because you don't want this to clog your hair follicles and over time could cause hair shedding and possibly hair loss.

 Only you know how your hair and scalp will react to a hair care product that cleans your scalp and hair.  Your best bet is to use a hair cleanser that is mild for your scalp, but is effective at cleaning your scalp.  However, if you want to try the “no-poo” way of washing your hair, then it’s your choice.  This Independence Day, decide for yourself which way you should go.  Your hair and scalp will tell you what works best for you.


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