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Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Hair Growth and Strength

Hair Growth and Strength - D'Scent Essentials

There are so many different types and kinds of hair, it’s difficult to figure out which products work best.  Sometimes, it’s just trial and error, to determine which is the best ingredient or formula for your hair type.  One of the ingredients you should consider is what type of essential oil would be best for your hair.

 Just like your skin, your hair and scalp require certain types of oils to bring out its vitality and glow.  Below are some oils that would benefit all different kinds of hair.  Keep in mind, when using these oils, you need to also have a base or carrier oil to mix with the essential oil.  You don’t want to have a bad reaction using the oil directly on your hair and scalp, so always use the essential oil with a carrier oil.

Rosemary – If you want to reduce the chance of getting dandruff, this essential oil would be wonderful for your hair and scalp.  Rosemary provides antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to a shampoo, so this oil would be really beneficial to your scalp.

 Tea Tree – Who hasn’t heard of Tea Tree?  This oil seems to be an ingredient for cure-alls for so many different ailments!  Tea Tree stimulates your scalp and is a great cleansing agent, so it’s wonderful for shampoos AND conditioners.

 Lavender – Do you want long, luxurious hair?  Use this essential oil to encourage hair growth.  Lavender oil assists in generating cells, so your hair follicles will love it.  The oil also is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so just like Rosemary oil, Lavender would be a great addition in your shampoo.

 Cedarwood – I know this one is a surprise, but this oil assists in reducing hair loss.  So, if you suffer from alopecia, add some Cedarwood and a couple of other beneficial oils to a carrier oil, and you will have a powerhouse shampoo or conditioner that will help you stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

 Clary Sage – Even if you’re not a Christian, you may have heard of the story of Samson and Delilah.  Delilah was able to weaken Samson by having his hair cut; he believed his hair gave him strength.  Well, if he had stayed away from Delilah and used Clary Sage essential oil, his hair would’ve been too strong to cut.

 Just kidding; although to be fair, this oil works wonders in making your hair strands strong.  Hair breakage will be lower if you give Clary Sage a try.

 Give some of these essential oils a go, the next time you shampoo and condition your hair.  Even if you currently use a shampoo product, add a few drops of any of these essential oils, and see if your hair improves.  All of them have excellent properties that can give you luxurious, silky, and healthy hair.  However, be careful when using essential oils because they can cause sensitivities in some people.  Try to use essential oils with a carrier oil to help reduce any irritation to the skin.


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