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Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Frantic Fall and Anxious Autumn

Frantic Fall and Anxious Autumn - D'Scent Essentials

Now that the season is changing from extreme heat to cooler temperatures (well, it’s supposed to get cooler), everyone starts to focus on different things: returning to school, returning to the office (for those folks who were able to telework from home), and preparing for the holidays.  How do you deal with the change in seasons?  How are your stress levels?

Many people get excited over the seasonal change, and look forward to making plans and lists, organizing get-togethers and parties, decorating their homes, and preparing ingredient lists for holiday meals, as well as thinking about future gift-giving and receiving.  Others worry about what will happen during the holidays, will I pass my classes in school, dealing with commuting to work once again, having enough money to do everything they want/need to do for the holidays, etc.  There are so many details to stress over! 

Some symptoms of anxiety and stress are headaches, trouble sleeping, having the “jitters” (nervousness), reduced or increased appetite (depending on your personality), and having problems with concentrating, among other things.  Never fear; there are ways to deal with the stress and anxiety.

Here are five ways to deal with stress:

Meditation/Relaxation – Practice deep breathing and targeted muscle relaxation.  Sit in a comfortable position on the floor (or a chair or bed) and focus on different muscle groups to relax them.  Picture them loosening up while breathing deeply for several minutes.

Exercise – Believe it or not, exercise can actually help relieve stress and anxiety.  If you’re not a cardio buff, or if you don’t exercise regularly, a nice stroll around your neighborhood or a park could do wonders for your psyche.  Give it a try; it couldn’t hurt!

Talk to Someone – Sometimes, all you need is a shoulder to cry on, or a trusted person to talk to.  Contact that person and let it all out; if the person is a true friend or loved one, they’ll be there for you.

Avoid Alcohol/Drugs – Although many think that using drugs or drinking alcohol helps with stress, it’s only a temporary fix.  If anything, it worsens the situation, especially if too much is consumed.  Stay away from drugs and alcohol during stressful and anxious situations.

Seek Professional Help – If all else fails, it’s time to see a doctor about your anxiety and stress levels.  The doctor can help diagnose the problem and provide constructive solutions and possibly a prescription to help lower your stress and anxiety.

Don’t worry about the fall season; for some, it brings excitement about what’s to come.  For others, autumn brings stress and anxiety about the future.  If you’re one of those who stress during the fall season, apply some of the above ideas to your current lifestyle; it may help.  Give them a try and see what happens.



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