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Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

Products to make you look, smell, and feel "DScent!"

The Difference Between Eczema and Psoriasis

The Difference Between Eczema and Psoriasis - D'Scent Essentials

In the heart of spring (and heading rapidly towards summer), people are enjoying baring more of their skin to the environment.  However, those with either eczema or psoriasis don’t enjoy the heat on their skin as much as others.  But, what are the differences between the two?

Although both are considered autoimmune diseases, eczema causes a person’s skin to be itchy and reddish, while psoriasis causes thick, silvery-colored scales that can sometimes be painful.  And, yes; it can also be itchy and red on the skin, but usually, psoriasis causes skin to be thicker and more scaly-looking than with eczema.

Certain types of materials, dyes, soaps, detergents, and other things can trigger a case of eczema.  Usually, an OTC (over-the-counter) topical or antibiotic cream can help soothe the affected area on the skin.  For psoriasis, it can occur anywhere on the body (like eczema), but it often appears on the joints, like elbows and knees.  In many cases, psoriasis also appears on a person’s scalp, which causes dandruff in the hair.

Like eczema, psoriasis can be treated with an OTC ointment or cream.  For severe cases of either ailment, a person can see a doctor for a prescription.  For those more advanced cases, cracking of the skin and/or bleeding can occur.  If that happens, contact your doctor immediately!

There are plenty of essential oils and soaps, lotions, butters, and creams that can help people with either ailment.  We here at D’Scent Essentials have mentioned several in previous blogs, so please read our past blogs to find out what we’ve researched and determined to be excellent essential oils that help with both eczema and psoriasis.

There’s no need to be ashamed to show your body in the spring and summer if you have either ailment.  Knowing what your skin does and does not like against it goes a long way in helping determine what would be best for your skin.  Just take care when exposing your largest organ to the outside environments; you only get one “birthday suit,” so you need to keep it cleaned and “pressed”.   😊


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